Rebecca. Becky. Honeybird. Honey. Granny. Depending upon who you were and your relationship with her, these are one of the names she is called.

Granny was amazing. She could sing. She could cook. She loved yellow roses and tulips and wouldn't dare go anywhere without a pop of green! She was a woman of faith who lived Titus 2. She understood the assignment of the Proverbs 31 woman.

She wasn't a fan of the not so natural lotions that were on the shelves. She always had an alternative to keep us from being dry and ashy and our skin was constantly being complimented from the glow up.

I remember her mixing up oils and herbs to heal us from colds, reduce skin inflammations and the appearance of scars. So many things she taught me, so many nuggets of knowledge that will carry beyond this very moment. I miss her but what I know is that she is always with me; never unnoticed. There's so much more to tell, but I guess I will just have to write a book...or something. 


Hey, I’m Cryss and Honeybird is my Granny! Lamb + Honey was created because I wanted to honor my grandmother's work. I wanted her legacy to live on through me. She established an amazing foundation within me that deserves to be shared. My goal is to advocate for those who can't advocate for themselves and be a cheerleader for those who need just a push to realize their identity.
LH will accomplish this goal by creating natural formulas that can boost tone and complexion while offering relief to various skin issues such as eczema, dry skin and dark spots.
I’ve been blessed with two really amazing bonus children that I had the privilege of raising. I’ve dealt with fertility issues over the years so I wanted to create a brand that would allow me to serve and celebrate the women who has ever raised, birthed, loved or lost a child. I wanted to create super awesome products for mom, baby and family.
We chose the name Lamb + Honey for two reasons:
  • Lamb is representative of God. He’s gentle, loving and He takes care of His children.
  • Honey is my grandmother (by now I'm sure you figured that out). What does the blush emoji mean when a girl sends it to a guy? - Quora We affectionately called her Honeybird and if it weren’t for her laying the  foundation of (my) faith and love of plant based products and ingredients, I wouldn’t be writing this story.
Stay tuned into our journey as we continue to make wonderful products with YOU in mind. We are created in faith, inspired by legacy and handmade with love coupled with compassion for each one of you and those who mean the most to you!