3 Ways to Rest...and be PRODUCTIVE

There is so much that needs to be done but not enough time to complete the tasks. There is always an errand that needs to be run. There is always a child who needs some attention. A report or presentation that has an upcoming deadline. An event that you need to attend but you have nothing to wear - so you think...I have learned that is LIFE and it continually happens around us everyday. 

It's funny how we find ourselves attempting to live up the standards of this life we are living. This life will have us thinking we need to work hard, grind and hustle and if we don't we are lazy. I'm here for hard work, grind and the hustle, but there has to be balance. There needs to be moments to play hard, to align while you grind and add some hustle to your flow...see what I did there? LOL

Take some time to realize that breaks are necessary. You deserve a moment or two or three to replenish, revive and restore yourself. I mean even cars can't run without gasoline, so what makes you think you can?

Without these me moments, you wouldn't be able to be the super hero everyone thinks you are. Right? Riiiiight. I know. I hear you saying it...I promise, I'm getting there. How do I take a me moment when there is so much to do? Easy. Put it on your schedule like you do everything else. Listen, if you were blessed enough to wake up this morning, give God His moment to recharge you. YOU are worthy of that moment. 

On that note, I want to leave you with 3 tips. Tips that will help you exercise your right to be your most productive self.

  1. Rest. If God did, surely you can. Rest isn't just your time to sleep, but it's your time to amazed by all of the accomplishments you've done within a period of time from your last moment of rest. Marvel in the work you've done and pat yourself on the back. You've done well! Genesis 2:2-3
  2. Eat. When you eat, you are refueling your body. It is preparation for the next great work. And don't forget to enjoy the meal. Eccl 9:7-8
  3. Set Boundaries. Sure, show compassion for those with issues, but don't feel like you have to be the problem solver. Encourage those (who are capable) to carry their own weight. Gal 6:2-5

If you want to serve God and others from this moment on, rest is necessary. Resting is what provides replenishment to your spirit, body and mind. Practicing self care is ESSENTIAL and will make it easier to overcome and win the victories that may come your way. 

Keep Growing x Glowing y'all! 



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